Sunday, May 30, 2010

Northwest Folklife - Friday, May 28th 2010

Thankfully, the ferry ride from Victoria to Seattle was completely uneventful, and my anxiety about crossing the border - something I always get, although I don't know why, since I'm just your average, middle class, white female college student, were completely unfounded. Didn't get into Seattle until 3, an after I'd dropped off my stuff and gotten a snack, off to the festival it was!.

The first band I saw was shotty, they're a three piece pop punk band from Seattle, and I saw them for the first time at Folklife last year. There are two things that make this band worth seeing live, the first is that even though a majority of their songs seem to tell a familiar story about a girl, or a relationship, they are incredibly catchy, and are very easy to dance to (and even if you don't like dancing in public, you'll be tapping your feet and bobbing your head like everybody else). The stage prescence they have, and upbeat energy of the live performances is what makes this band entertaining, and a band worth seeing.

The second was another Seattle based band, NoRey, a reggae folk band. They sounded like a cross between reggae, ska, soul, and folk music, and at one point I'm fairly certain I counted six or seven people onstage.

The Third band I saw was Blood Red Dancers, another local band. The music was rough, raw, and unpolished, although it was clear that the edgey and unpolished sound of the music was not an accident, or due to a lack of practice, it was supposed to sound that way.

Lastly, other than the many bands performing at Folklife, there was also a wide assortment of buskers and and people playing instruments who were not on one of the stages, but who, in many cases, were just as accomplished as those who were.

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